Tiedown 10-Pack

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Item Number: T102005
Tiedown 10-Pack

Are you tired of your necktie falling into your food when you lean over a table? 
Have you ever gotten toothpaste on your tie when brushing your teeth before running out the door? 
How about constantly adjusting your necktie to keep it in place on a windy day, or in an attempt to hide that unruly tie tail? 
Ever look down and discover that your tie has wandered away from the center of your shirt? 

Fix it with the Tiedown, a simple solution for your necktie fashion foibles. The Tiedown will save you from all the stains and inconvenience of everyday life without leaving holes in an expensive necktie (like tie pins do), or flashing a lot of corny/gaudy metal as some tie bars do. The Tiedown is the classy yet invisible solution to your necktie problems. 

Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic or leather, the Tiedown will fit any shirt's buttons and strap down your beautiful tie through the horizontal tie tag on the back, hiding your tie tail, centering your tie and sharpening your look. It's simple and easy to use, just follow the simple instructions.  

So, how does it work? First tie your necktie, then take a look at where the horizontal tie tag on the back of your tie lies against the front of your shirt. 99.9% of the time the tie tag is between two of the buttons on the front of your shirt. You want to fasten the Tiedown between those same two buttons, start by putting the top button through the button hole on the Tiedown, then thread the Tiedown through the horizontal tie-tag on the back of your tie. Finish by fastening the bottom button hole of the Tiedown onto the lower button on the front of your shirt. Now your necktie is securely held flush against the front of your shirt. No more drooping into your soup when you stand to greet a colleague across the table, or flapping over your shoulder on a windy day. No more straying from the centerline. Perfect. Simple. Discreet. 

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"The Better Mousetrap" - For Your Tie !
Paul E. Stevens, LCSW (Bronx, NY) 8/24/2013 11:45 AM
This is a superb device: It is convenient in its small size, shape and easiness of use. Personally, I've grown tired of my tie flying about my face on a windy day! Acquaintances have complained of their tie literally draping onto/into - their food during meals. Professional Colleagues have expressed inconvenience/embarrassment having their tie slide over a patient's face; wound site, etc. - during Hospital Examination! This "Solution for Necktie Problems - though small and relatively inexpensive - REALLY PERFORMS AS ADVERTISED...with Reliability! While a simple device, it truly addresses many of the unspoken, but annoying incidents - that only a frequent tie wearer experiences (constantly). I AM NOT associated with this company in any way, manner; shape or form...nor are there current plans to do so! Simply put - I like the product so much - that I want others to have the same, pleasant, solution- based experience I did. With so many items we purchase - sometimes, for great sums of money - which Do Not Work as advertised...it's a pleasure to find a wonderful device like this - that (DOES!) time after time. Someone Finally made the Better proverbial Mousetrap! ENJOY (like I did).
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